About the Kabbalah
and your teacher, Ziva Moyal

Kabbalah is the Jewish mystical system that has been kept secret for many generations. It is a spiritual way of explaining how creation came about, in what order and form, and for what reasons, and its ultimate goal. The unfolding explanation of the mysteries of the cosmos illuminates our understanding of why we are here, why there is evil in the world, Freedom of Choice and the purpose of our existence.

My name is Ziva Moyal, an Israeli, living in Louisville, Colorado. I am a retired psychotherapist, who has been studying Kabbalah for the last fourteen years and teaching it for the last twelve. I always felt a deep need to understand the universe and our role in it. My curiosity about the "beyond" led me to study Taoism (Chinese cosmology) for many years, until finally I found my way back home to Judaism and its mystical system - the Kabbalah.

Featured in the Taos News, Taos, NM, October 13th, 2011
Ziva Moyal: Spreading the light of Kabbalah
Written by Susan Carpenter Sims


"Highly recommended. Ziva has got the solid, grounded Israeli energy you want to have as your guide when studying the worlds of Kabbalah." - Matthew Van Der Giessen, Canada
"This is the real deal, people. Not Maddona's, not Hollywood's "Kabbalah". If you're ready for it, here it is. Ziva, a sabra Israeli, now living in Taos, NM is the teacher, and is a true scholar of this "receiving" wisdom (Kabbalah means "receiving" in Hebrew). We met at reb Shefa's Kol Zimra training. Ziva's class is online, at your pace, and very reasonably priced." - Ren Faught, Indiana
"My life has been endlessly enriched by studying the Kabbalah (via the writings of Ramchal) with Ziva Moyal over the past year. Ziva takes complex material and makes it accessible - not only through the mind but also, and most importantly, through the heart. She is a smart, kind, clear and patient teacher. And her classes are more than intellectual studies. They transform me from the inside out and give me profound avenues for ever-deepening my personal relationship with the Divine." - Diana Rico, Writer and Editor, Taos, NM