Video Introduction to
the Kabbalah
1. This video gives you some notion about Kabbalah (the Jewish mystical system), its teachings, (the Jewish Cosmology of Creation), its structure, its origins, where it is going, and its purpose.  Click here to view the video.

2. The following Intro video to Kabbalah 101 will give you a sense of the metaphysical level of Kabbalah as well as how it can help you in your daily life.  Click here.

3. the following video is a sample of Ramchal's life and his teachings about the goal of Creation and the role of Man in it.  Click here.

4. Food for the Soul - Kabbalah Sparkles; 4 - 5 minute videos and classes about Kabbalah themes.
1. Why Kabbalah? Why Now?
2. Can a metaphysical belief system help me?
3. God Created Man in His Own Image
4. Is the World perfect now or does it need repair?
5. Perfection in an imperfect world
6. Are we Born inherently good or inherently evil?
7. Freedom out of Egypt and the Freedom of Choice
8. More on Freedom and the Freedom of Choice
9. Fear of Freedom and the Freedom of Choice
10. Transformation Time – Breaking of the Vessels
11. More about Transformation & the Broken Vessels
12.Times of Transformation - The ultimate Challenge

13. While in the Midst of Transformation
14. Being in the moment as "no man's land"
15. Transition Post 2012
16.When Change is Your only Constant
The Endless Layers of Change
18. The Illusive Nature of Permanence in the Midst of Change
19. Staying Centered in the Midstn of a Flowing River of Change
 20. Are We the Garments that we wear?        
21. The Challenge of Living with the Unknown as a Constant
22. The Stories We Tell Ourselves
23. Contemplating the many layers of Change
24. The Flow of Change
25. When Change is about a Good Part of life that comes to an End
26. How Change Affects our Perception of ourselves (1)
27. How Change Affects our Perception of Ourselves (2)
28. Why Kabbalah? Why Now? An hour talk about Kabblah in these days
29. Central Concepts in Kabbalah - How we live them in Everyday Life - The Contraction
30. Central Concepts in Kabbalah - the The Sphirot